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When it comes to selecting a firearms or self defense instructor, it's not Just about what the instructor knows; IT IS ABOUT WHAT THEY KNOW AND CAN TEACH YOU. Their knowledge is useless unless they can relay it to you in terms and methods that you can learn from and retain. We have that ability. We are experienced in the Successful training of U.S. Army soldiers, Security Officers, Police Officers, Correctional and Detention Officers, Grade School and High School Students, Senior Citizens, English as a Second Language Learners, and more.

Further, you should want to choose an instructor that is willing to be available to answer your questions and provide personable explanations beyond the classroom; in the "Real World".  We offer just that. Each former student retains the opportunity to call an instructor's cell phone for answers or clarification. All students also receive a lifetime membership to our protected area where they can blog their personal experiences, download training materials used in class, find updates to Statutes explained in words you can understand, CHL news and offers, discounts on renewals, and much more...
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About the Instructor
Personal non-threatening, patient, and open personality - Not a "Know-it-All" ridiculing instructor that seems to have heavily populated this industry. Patience and ability to train Men and Women from less than zero experience to self proclaimed experts.

Federal Licensed Firearms Dealer & Gunsmith - ATF

Licensed Concealed Handgun (CHL) Instructor - Texas Dept. of Public Safety

Certified Sniper Instruction - U.S. Army

Certified Close Quarter Combat Instruction - U.S. Army

Small Arms and Long Range Firearms Instruction

T.C.L.E.O.S.E. Trained

Other Specialty Courses Available

Private One-on-One and Private Group Instruction Available
About the Courses
Publicly Scheduled CHL classes are $155 per person

Private Class fees:
3-5 People - $130 per person
6-10 People -$110 per person (host is free)
10 or More -$95 per person (host is free)

Private classes can be held at either the host's location or another designated location. Alternate county locations can be arranged at special pricing.

Private training (1-2 persons) 55.00 per hour plus cost or firearm rental, ammo, and range fees.

Gun Safety classes taught in your home $125, approximately 2 hours.

Home Safety and Self Defense Assessment $125

Other Specialty Courses and Services Available Upon Request.

What you will need to do:
Bring a semi- auto handgun greater then 32 caliber, and 50 rounds of Ammunition.  Rentals are available-ammo is included in rental prices.

Fingerprints must be scheduled at a convenient L-1 location near you. Click here for location and instructions.

Prior to CHL class: Please go to the Texas Online CHL Website to view requirements and register. Click here to be directed to their website.

Keep in mind, all we do is provide you the class you need to register with the State. You are responsible to abiding by all State requirements and register with the State. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet all requirements with the State, that is between you and the State. If the State denies your application you will not receive a refund for the class you already received. All fees for the class and fees submitted to the State of Texas are Non-Refundable. Ensure you qualify by reading the State's requirements and pre-requisites here.n wit