All Texas Notary services are available including mobile and traveling Notary. For more information concerning Texas Notary please visit the Texas Secretary of State's website at http://www.sos.state.tx.us/statdoc/notary-public.shtml

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We promise to you that you will be 100% satisfied with both the experience and the results. We demand ourselves to deliver to you more than what is promised. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with both the experience and the results of the Notary Public Service, for cause, then you will be cheerfully refunded 100% what you have paid.

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What is a Notary Public?
Texas Notaries are commissioned by the Secretary of State as a public officer qualified and bonded under the laws for the performance of notary acts with the same authority as the county clerk to take acknowledgments or proofs of written instruments; protest instruments permitted by law to be protested; administer oaths; take depositions; and certify copies of documents not recordable in public records. Also in addition to being bonded, many are insured by private companies. RedVex Notary is also insured in addition to being bonded.
Why use us?
Even if you know where to find a notary, you may be unable to travel. Therefore, we will come to you to ensure that the needed documents are professionally and expeditiously signed, dated and notarized. Competitive and fast-paced businesses, individuals and others needing documents notarized, do not tolerate the inconvenience and cost of having to leave work or home to sign important documents. Many individuals are mobility challenged due to a number of circumstances. We offer the convenient mobile McLennan County notary services you need.
What do you need to Know about notarization?

Please do not sign the document prior to the Notary's arrival. Personal appearance by the signor is always required. The document date and the notarization date do not have to be the same. The notarization date is the actual date the signor appears before the notary and signs the document within the notary's presence.Example of a Photo ID card
BY LAW, each signer must present a valid and current government issued photo ID cards.

The following are acceptable IDs:
A State Driver's license
A State Identification Card
A U.S. Military ID Card
A current U.S. Passport
A Birth Certificate

Your Privacy
Important: Privacy for notary services is not the same as other RedVex services and products. Notary privacy is governed by State and Federal law. To read a complete privacy statement specifically for notary services please read our Notary Privacy Statement at http://www.redvex.com/notary_privacy.html
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Other Notary Services Offered
I provide 24-hours-a-day Mobile Notary Service to Individuals and Businesses that need to find a notary at: Airports, Military Installations, Military Proxy Marriage, Assisted Living Communities, Correctional Facilities, Hospitals, Labor and Delivery Facilities, Nursing Homes, Physicians, Senior Living Communities, Retirement Communities, Residential Care Facilities, Women's Centers, Churches for prenuptials or any other mutually convenient location. For whenever your clients, customers, patients, friends or relatives need a notarization for:

Foreign Travel Permits with Child or Children, Consent to Travel, Bill of sales, Contracts, Personal Statements, Affidavits, Marriage by Proxy in Texas Affidavit, Oaths and Affirmations, Verifying of Vehicle Identification Number, Protest, Retirement account hardship case notarization, Vehicle Registrations, Certified Copy, Power of Attorney, Certificate of Authority, Towed car impound lot affidavit, Noting of Shipping Protests, Export-Import damage to ships or cargos letters, Affidavits and depositions (for Medical Records), Medical reports and Police reports, Relinquishment of Parental Rights, Recordable Documents for County Clerks or Deed and Plat Records, Notarizing for use in connection with child adoption, documents for consent for children to travel, Prenuptial Agreements for marriages, and more.
Common forms/documents
Serving McLennan County
(and potentially surrounding counties)

Note that clients must reimburse any additional incurred fees for parking expenses, unreasonable wait times beyond 15 minutes (at $5 per 15 minutes), etc.

Texas Notary
What is a Notarization?
A Notarization provides verification of a document signer's willingness to sign and that the signer is the person identified by the signature. Notarization does not prove the truthfulness of the contents of a document, does not validate a document nor render it legal.